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1Rain On Point 14 Aug 22.jpg




Litter Whelped 3 Mar 2024.

All Puppies Spoken For.

4XGMPR HR Excalibur's Fire and Ice of RVK "Rain" to 4XGMPR HR BearPoint Reign Of The Savage "Savage"

                 Black and Yellow Litter

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Zeke On Point 14 Aug 22.jpg
Chloe On Point 9 Oct 2023.jpg



   Litter was whelped 6 Apr 2024. See avaialble Puppies Tab for Available Puppies.

2.5XGMPR HR Paige's Little Chloe of RVK "Chloe" to 4XGMPR HR RVK's On The Wings Of Ezekiel "Zeke"

                Black and Chocolate Litter

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We are a Field Representative and Highly Recommend the Following Life's Abundance Adult and Puppy Food.
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Puppy Purchase Package




A $500 puppy deposit is required, and will be in the order received for color and sex of the puppy.  If your chosen color and sex is not whelped your deposit can be moved to another breeding, and will fall into the pic order as received for that breeding.   The deposit goes towards final purchase price. Deposits are currently refundable unless the kennel determines no refund is due. The kennel will not guarantee just because you are in the pick order that your puppy will be whelped/born.


To be put on the list, please do one of three things,

1) send request to and a puppy deposit questionnaire will be emailed to you or

2) down load the form from this page. Please fill out the puppy deposit questionnaire and submit it, Or

3) You may call or email us with the following information; Name, Phone Number, Email, Color and Sex of the puppy. Deposits must be received within 5 days to remain in pick order and/or on the list.

We support our Military Veterans and First Responders and offer a small discount off the total purchase price of a pup.  Please inquire for the discount and let us know in advance of your military status. 

 Click on each breeding to see pricing.


The remainder of payment is due 5 days prior to pick up if paying by check or shipment.

We can accept Visa, Mastercard now, Please select the deposit or final payment

tab below to start the purchase. Venmo, Zelle or Paypal is only by request

Puppy Deposit Questionnaire 

Credit card Logos


Price Reflects the Fee Charged By Merchant Account 

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PICK OF THE LITTER:  The pick of the litter will be from the list in order received, provided the down payment is received within the time limit. We would love for you to come see the pups and pick your pup in person, but we will assist you in your choice and make the pick for you if you are unable to visit and to keep the pick order going smoothly. The kennel and/or stud dog owner reserves the right to choose from a litter at anytime.

PUPPY PICK-UP: Puppy pick-up date is at their 7 week old date, Not the date that the new owner wants to pick-up their new puppy. If a puppy is not going to be picked up on their pick-up date or pick-up weekend, then the puppy must and will be paid for in full on or before the puppies 7 week old date. If puppy is not paid in full by the pick-up date. Then the new owner forfeits their choice in a puppy and their deposit. The puppy will go to the next person on the list.

Yes, the puppy can be picked up at a later date with coordination but, the above MUST be completed first.


SHIPPING:  We are happy to ship the puppy to you. We will research the airlines for the shortest en-route time.  It is the new owners responsibility to provide us full payment prior to shipping for the following:  Kennel (We will price a kennel locally), shipping arrangements, and vet health certification for shipping.


DELIVERY:  We do offer one of the two with coordination; Either meet you, or delivery of your puppy under the following conditions. If mileage is 215 miles or less from the kennel then no charge for this service. 216 miles to a maximum of 700 miles the charge will be $400 per puppy. Beyond 700 miles fee will be based on the mileage.


REGISTRATION: The litter with be registered with the AKC and/or UKC with a full registration offered. All the new owner will need to do is submit the paperwork with proper payment.

Limited Registration: At this time, and at the kennels discretion a limited registration will on a case by case basis.  



HEALTH: Puppies will have dew claws removed,  initial shots given, multiple dewormings, vet health check and each pup micro chipped.

GUARANTEE: View Guarantee Here


All our puppies go through the Early Neurological Stimulation or "Super Dog" program.

A note on Genetic tests, it is fine to breed a carrier as long as you breed to a clear, none of the pups with be affected and the pups will be normal and could/will be that next super star. 

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