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We expect Paige to come into heat Late August or Sept 2021

We are planning on breeding 4XGMPR HR Kenai's RVK Turn The Paige SH "Paige" to 1.5XGMPR HR On The Wings Of Ezekiel  "Zeke" in the Fall of 2021

Please go to Paige's tab under our dogs to view her details.

Please go to Zeke's Page under our dogs to view his details

This will be a Black, Yellow and Chocolate Litter


If you want If you want to get your name on the puppy list early, contact us or select the Upcoming Litters Tab and print off the deposit form and send payment in. 

Price: $1,600  Deposit $200

Deposits Available, Please read how deposits are applied under the upcoming litters tab

All our dogs spend just as much time inside as they do outside.

​​All pups come with  2 weeks of free training. That is half price of our normal monthly rate

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