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MPR Gracie's RVK Run Like The Wind

Windy is owned by Alan Abraham and we are going to help Alan out with a 2022 litter Windy.  She is from GMPR Exceptional By Design SH "Tucker" & 4XGMPR HRCH Breeze's Little Yellow Gracie of RVK SH "Gracie" Windy got her Master Pointing Retriever title through the APLA on 25 Sept 21. 

Windy is a seasoned hunting/pointing dog, with retrieving from quail to Tundra swan.

Whelped: 11/11/2017

AKC and UKC registered

Weight= 57lbs



Hips= Good

Elbows= Normal

EIC= Normal/Clear

CNM= Normal/Clear

PRA= Normal/Clear

CAER= Normal

Dilute= Non Dilute

Windy's Pedigree

Windy's Genetic Test Report