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Here are some photos of our RVK dogs in action either in training or hunting. Visit our new Facebook to see more pictures and videos of our dogs in action. Just click on the button in upper right corner of the page.

Chloe GMPR Pass 15 Oct 2022.jpg
Zeke GMPR Passes 26 Sept 21.jpg
Rain GMPR Passes Apr 2022.jpg
Chloe Chukar Retrieve.jpg
Chloe and Zeke With Ducks.jpg
Zeke 5 Sept 20.jpg
Rain Retrieve 5 Sept 20.jpg
2020 Kansas Pheasant Hunt.jpg
Gracie-Cal Puppies 10 Jul 20.jpg
Misty 23 May 20.jpg
Paige 23 May 20.jpg
Zeke 23 May 20.jpg
Brittany McCullough & Paige APLA Grand M
Windy 21 Dec 19 With Alan's Swan.jpg
Paige 21 Dec 19 With Chris's Swan.jpg
Zeke On Point 11 Aug 19.jpg
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