Retriever Training


We offer training from the basics up through advanced concepts, whether it be for a family companion, hunting dog or both hunting dog and hunt test dog. Cost of training is $600 per month or $40.00 per hour (or any portion of that hour) for one on one sessions. Contact us for more information


If you wish to pay by credit card for training, Payment via Pay Pal can be arranged.



Obedience Training - Starting at 3 months on up, We training the pup to obedience commands of sit, here and heel on and off lead. We take any breed in for this. Time frame for this training is no more than 30 days. 


Puppy Training - starting at about 3 month up to six months (Earlier with coordination)

We socialize your puppy, develop retrieving drive, and familiarize them with aspects of retrieving to include land and water marks, decoys, birds, gunfire, etc. We introduce basic obedience commands with emphasis on developing a willing, confident attitude toward training.  This is a training phase that the owners can accomplish with a little guidance.


Gundog Training - starting any time after 6 months 

Include marking on land and water, hunting for downed birds, handling and delivery, manners, steadiness, obedience, and familiarity with all the accoutrements of hunting. Includes force fetching. Requires an average of 4-5 months.


Handling Training - teaching a dog to do blind retrieves. 

We can begin as soon as the dog is fetching from the ground on command, concurrent with marking development. Dogs learn to take a line and go in that direction until stopped with a whistle, and to take casts in all directions in a variety of circumstances and wind directions. 


Upland Training- we specialize in training Pointing Labradors (PL), We are able to train the other breeds as well.  Upland training will include;  steady to wing and shot, steady to wing, shot and fall, whoa, and quartering,

We WILL NOT train or do any training on the point, each dogs point is unique to itself. If you have a Labrador that flushes and you would like to have it trained to sit-to-flush, that can be done. 


Hunt tests - We run AKC, HRC and APLA hunt tests and work with owners who are learning to be handlers and better handlers if they wish to run their dogs in hunt test so they will be successful.

A handling fee will be charged per dog, per day of the hunt test if we handle the dog

Hunt test expenses with be charged for travel, fuel and lodging if we handle the dog



Tune-Up - This training is designed to get the dog back into top form for either hunting season or hunt tests. This training is for 14 days (two weeks) at a cost of $450.00 and this includes birds.

Note: If your dog needs more, then the fee will revert to the full monthly fee. 

Veterans / First Responders- Active duty, retired, disabled. We will now be offering a straight $100 off per month on training. You must notify us in advance of your military  or First Responder status to receive this. We may or may not require proof military status.