Misty 13 Jun 2019
Misty1 16 Jan 21.jpg

Misty is up for re-homing to a hunting/family home.
Misty is 6 years old and has been spayed. She has a number of good years hunting left in her. You can go to Misty's page to view her details. Misty does get out hunting a couple times a year.
Re-homing Price: $1,000


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We will have three tiers of Started/Finished dogs with price according to were they are in training:
The dog may compete in AKC, UKC or American Pointing Labrador Association (APLA) hunt tests.
If you wish to pay via credit card, we can invoice you through Paypal.

PRICE $2,500

Obedience, Introduce to marked retrieves, Intro to birds. collar conditioning, whistle training,

PRICE $3,500

Level 1 complete, Work on marking concepts working up to double marked retrieves, Hold and force fetch, upland work, beginning of T-Drills (handling) Once a title is earned in any of the above venues with a pup in this level. Min price will be $4,000

PRICE $5,500

This is considered a finished dog, The dog is doing double marks as a  min, cold blinds, steady to wing and shot as it pertains to upland work.