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Zeke On Point 14 Aug 22
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4XGMPR HR RVK's On The Wings Of Ezekiel

Zeke is out of Delaware River Labradors Timber and Satchel. We have not been disappointed in Zeke's accomplishments during testing and hunting. Zeke is a seasoned hunting dog in both upland and waterfowl.  Zeke pointed his first bird at 8 weeks old. 29 Sept 2019, Zeke earned his Advanced Pointing Retriever title through the American Pointing Labrador Assoc(APLA). Zeke was 9 days away from 1 year old. 26 Sept 2021, Zeke earned his fourth HRC Seasoned pass and title. 17 Apr 2022 Zeke earned his first HRC Finished pass 24 Apr 2022 Zeke earned his 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever Title through the APLA.

Zeke is also a registered Mobility Service dog


AKC & UKC registered
Whelped  04/01/2019


​Tests: Select the Paw Prints logo to view Zeke's tests

PRA=   Normal/Clear                                                              

EIC=  Normal/Clear

CNM= Normal/Clear

Cardiac= Normal/Clear

Hips= Excellent

Elbows= Normal

Pennhip= Left 0.34 Right 0.36

CAER= Normal

Dilute= Non Dilute


Color Factor=Bbee -Can have Black, Yellow and Chocolate

Stud fee= $1,500- Shipment/Collection of frozen or fresh chilled semen will have an additional cost

Zeke's Pedigree

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