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Rain 17 Oct 2020.jpg

1.5XGMPR HR Excalibur's Fire and Ice of RVK

Rain is from 4XGMPR Bearpoint's Triple Threat Excalibur MH & 4XGMPR HRCH Breeze's Little Yellow Gracie of RVK SH and we are not disappointed in her accomplishments to date or her accomplishments in her training and hunting as noted below,   Rain earned  HRC Seasoned title on 17 Apr 2022. Rain earned her 1.5X Grand Master Pointing Retriever Title 24 Apr 2022

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Whelped: 7/3/2020

AKC and UKC registered


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Hips= Excellent


EIC= Normal/Clear

CNM= Normal/Clear

PRA= Normal/Clear

CAER= Normal

Cardiac= Normal

Dilute= Non Dilute

CHIC# 172468

Color Coat=eeBB Can have Black and yellow

Rain's Pedigree