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 The puppy you are purchasing, on this Date: ________. DOB_____________. Micro Chip # ____________, is guaranteed to be free of hip & elbow dysplasia, any CERF eye defects as long as the following criteria is met. The dog will be replaced with an approximately eight week old puppy from similar breeding provided that all criterion are met.



The following conditions will void the warranty: Dogs over 27 months of age are not covered under this guarantee, x-rays or Pennhip done before 24 months will not be covered under this, or pups being allowed to jump off objects higher than they are prior to 6 months of age, Dogs neutered or spayed before 18 months. The dog must not be used for breeding until x-rayed and approved by OFA or Pennhip score of 50th percentile or higher. If the dog is used for breeding or has been bred before being approved by OFA or Pennhip, guarantee is VOID.


  The dog’s hips should be x-rayed between 24 and 27 months of age by an approved veterinarian, and x-rays sent to Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) to be examined or Complete the Pennhip exam .



  If the dog was certified to be dysplastic, the owner must submit proof in writing from OFA (a copy of OFA’s certification) or Pennhip and from a veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered. R&V Kennels reserves the right to request vet records of injuries occurring prior to 2 years of age. (Micro Chip number must be present on written documents. )



The dog must have its eyes examined by 1 year of age by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist must state in writing that the defect is definitely of a hereditary nature and not caused by injury or illness. (Micro Chip number must be present on written document.) Dogs over 12 months are not covered under this guarantee.


  No dog will be guaranteed unless it carries the word RVK in its registered name with A.K.C. and has not been transferred to a new owner. R&V Kennels may or may not for any conditions requesting dog replacement require a second opinion from a different veterinarian.

If at any time you are unable to keep or care for the dog, you must surrender the dog, and registration back to the kennel at no cost to the kennel.

You must use a lower protein level dog food, to around 24%, up to the age of one year.


  We Guarantee, not to produce an affected (positive) dog with EIC, CNM, or PRA 



​ Note: A copy of this guarantee will be supplied to the new owners that must sign to acknowledge.

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