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Misty On Point May 2019.jpg
Misty 14 Jul 20 Front.jpg

APR DRL's Firebird Dancer of Walnut Grove JH

Misty has come to us as a result of the loss of her previous owner. She is from an excellent breeding from HPK's Delaware River Duff and Timber of Bearpoint. We look forward to working with her and getting a couple more titles on her. 29 Sept 2019, Misty earned her Certified Pointing Retriever title on 28 Sep 2019 and her Advanced Pointing Retriever title on 29 Sept 2019.

Misty is now retired and will be available for re-home to a hunting family 5 March 2022. See details under started dogs tab.

Whelped: 3/31/2016

AKC and UKC registered

Weight= 58 Pounds

Tests: Select the Paw Prints logo below to view Misty's tests

Hips= Good

Elbows= Normal

EIC= Clear/Normal

CNM= Clear/Normal

PRA= Carrier

CAER= Normal

Cardiac= Normal

Dilute= Non Dilute

CHIC# 143821

Color Coat= Bbee - Can have Chocolate, Black and Yellow

As a PRA carrier, Misty will only be bred to a Clear PRA stud as to not produce any affected pups

Misty's Pedigree

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