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    Puppy Purchase/Training Package

For our 2023 Rain/Zeke litter we are offering this deal:

For the next deposit (other two taken already) received after 21 Jul 2023, if you purchase a Rain/Zeke puppy for full price (no discounts with this) we will include training(obedience to full gun dog) for that pup.

For the remaining puppies (discounts included) we will reduce the monthly training fee 50% and this includes deposits received prior to 21 Jul 2023.


We have decided to add our Chloe/Zeke litter to the reduced monthly training rate of 50% with a puppy purchase. This includes current deposits for this litter(discounts included).


Please go to:

Please let us know you want this package.

We may keep the free training package deal going for all future litters if successful.

Rain Retrieve 5 Sept 20
Chloe and Rain Merge
Rain 5 Sept 20
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