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We are expecting to breed 3.5XGMPR HR Excalibur's Fire and Ice of RVK "Rain" to MPR Paige's New Book Named Bently "Bently"  Rain is in her second year of waterfowl hunting and she is an experienced upland hunter, and she has excelled in every aspect of her training. Bently is an up and coming hunting dog. This will be his first year waterfowl hunting and upland hunting. Bently has been a joy training as he makes it all seam easy.  This will be another awesome litter with the drive for a day in the field hunting or hunt testing, and the easy going needed for a family pet.

If you are looking for a puppy that will have excellent train-ability, don't pass this opportunity up 

Please go to Rain's tab under our dogs to view her details.

Please go to Bently's tab under our dogs to view his details

This will be an all yellow litter with full AKC and UKC registration.


If you want If you want to get your name on the puppy list early, contact us or select the Upcoming Litters Tab and print off the deposit form and send payment in. 

Deposit $500

Pricing: $1,600 

Pricing: Veteran and First responder discount available

Deposits Available

All our dogs spend just as much time inside as they do outside.

​​All pups purchased at full price come with  2 weeks of free training off a months training fee. That is half price of our normal monthly rate

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Rain On Point 14 Aug 22.jpg
Rain Day 40  14 Dec 2022.jpg
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